V Box Or Pole or Actuator

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Sep 1, 2011
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I have an interesting conundrum. I have been experiencing just on a couple of satellites that the vbox positions are out. I've had to re-adjust there positions by a couple of clicks. This dish has only been installed a couple of months and we have had a lot of rain and the ground around the mount has been settling quite a bit. The mount is in the ground 41/2 feet and I thought maybe the mount has shifted but the level says not. The actuator is a made in China special because at the time the actuator that came with the dish was defunked. I have since acquired 2 Von Weis actuators. I am debating whether to replace the actuator and see what happens or is it the V Box.

I was wondering if any body else has had this problem.


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Feb 28, 2008
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It could be both.
Since you already have a Von Weis, install it and see if things improve.
I had nothing but problems using a VBox - 3 different models.
Got a GBox and never looked back.
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