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C'mon, you know it's a valid subject. As long as we're adults and behave about it.... :D Better to have a single ranty thread of our daily pet peeves, then a bunch of individual ones, right? ;) Here's mine:

My ex was living in our jointly owned mobile home. While I stayed there (3 months ago or so), the bills were in my name. A month after I left, she put everything in her name. Now she's moved away (finally), I moved back in, and called to start up my service, ending her's. Not so hard to figure out, right?

Except for the gas company. Apparently when I called up, they didn't shut her service off and start mine. They edited the account so it had my first name instead of her's. I found this out when I received a $130 bill... for two weeks' worth of gas usage?! I called up, and explained the situation to a rep who said because we're married, I legally owe the bill as well. I rather icilly corrected her, explaining I've been divorced for two years now. Apparently they were told otherwise. I then sit on hold for 17 minutes, and then they drop my call.

I call back. I explain all this to another representative. Very clearly. very slowly. After explaining it every way I can think of for 10 minutes, she actually says, "So what is it you want me to do?" I groan inside as I demand to speak to her supervisor. I've worked in alot of call centers, and just have become one of those customers... I explain everything again (now become quite profficient at it) to the supervisor. They tell me there's no record of it ever being in my ex's name, though there's a notation from when this account began on Dec19th that says the previous balance (in my name) was transferred over to her. Doesn't that show you what happened then? Doesn't that prove what I'm saying? For the fifth time I'm asked to rack my brain for the exact date I called in and 'began' my service. I guess as accurately as possible; Monday the 28th of Feb... the agent apparently didn't bother to log any notes or tickets on the change.

It's just so simple; Service is in Jane Smith's name. I call and have that shut off, start it up in George Smith's name. I expect to pay from the day it starts in my name. They keep saying they have no record of any name change; do I have my ex's phone number, so they can call and verify that it's ok to bill her the past amount.. ? ?!!?!? I get irritated. No. I called to turn on service two weeks ago. You hand me someone else's back bill of over $100. You don't need authorization from someone else for anything- I'm not paying for someone else's bill. I don't care if my ex lied and said we were married, we're not. Having the same last name doesn't entitle her to make more bills for me, a single father of three. Now get it fixed.

When I was finally completely unyeilding, the supervisor said she would send the information down to billing, who would send me out an updated bill which reflected my being charged from 2/28 only. I hope that actually happens. :mad:


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Speaking of Iowa. Everytime I read that name, when I pronounce it, it seems to come out Yahweh (Yahuweh,Yahoweh,Y-a-u-a,Yahowah,Yehowah). Could someone explain to me how this Indian tribe arrived at the name of there tribe? And why it appears to be the name of our Father, Elohim, the Almighty? Is there a connection? Is perhaps this or all tribes the lost tribes of Israel? Or how Egyption names got into the Indian languages as well? Such as, Cairo, Memphis, Arkansas and many more.

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