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stone phillips420

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Oct 20, 2004
my account was suspended cause i went 3 months without payment so i made the on line payment still no service 5 hours after i paid my bill in full
i usually pay cell phone bill 4 times a year
so i then call customer care
they forward my call to another dept then tell me i owe then $2333.32 for services from Jan19 to Feb18
i say no way on line my bill was 85.93 paid in full
then they told me i opened up a second phone line which i didn't
so then i just got the detailed statement from the supposed phantom phone line its off the wall ring tones music text and crazy phone calls
i never have downloaded a ring tone music or text
in my area there area 4 area codes within msp
so tmobile did some investigating and absolved me from all the second phone line charges but i have since gone to my local pd and now have a case # so they can do some further investigation

I though i also heard a couple of years ago tmobile servers were hacked and lots of people info is floating out there
i thought California made a new law because of this as to the effect if personal info is floating on the net due to server compromise the company has to tell the general public within 48 hours or face serious fines

as far as i know nobody has my SS number as i don't freely give that info out

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Bob Haller

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Sep 11, 2003
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put a do not disturb with password protection or better yet requiring personal visit with driver photo identity confirm

compoanies are so hungry for $ they make it way too easy:(


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Jan 6, 2006
stone phillips420 said:
I though i also heard a couple of years ago tmobile servers were hacked and lots of people info is floating out there
This has happened to some people I know that are Verizon costumers.It seems that alot of identity theft is happening through cell phone these days.


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Oct 13, 2003
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Many more people are using PDAs and cellphone internet connectivity without protection. Strange as these same people will have diligent firewall and antivirus software updated on their home and office PC's but then are wide open on their PDA's and cellphones.

I use at least antivirus software to scan all e-mail on my PDA cellphone. I don't think there is a firewall even like windows XP has for PDA's. I think this is indeed an area that severely lacks security.

Another is the internet cafe concept and hotel lan systems. There really is no security for intra wifi, ethernet systems in these environments unless you set up a secure VPN to your own system. How many do that when using these internet access facilities? This is why (one of many reasons) I am against the use of wifi for city wide access. It has no design to be secure. We protect oursystems against the crooks on the WWW but generally trust our family on our lans. Now expand that family to the internet cafe environment. Worse yet, to a city with blanket wifi. People supporting this concept have never considered the fact that wifi is only secure at the router level not between IP's behind the router. wifi allows 253 maximum computers on a subnet and this will be your family in a wifi environment. I need to be convinced that these large scale wifi systems are secure before I'll use them!
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