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Sep 7, 2005
Pacifica CA
I went onto remote access the other day and saw a recording in the DVR list that I assumed my wife recorded. But she didn't. When I got home I went to delete it and it wasn't in the recordings menu or on my EHD. Went back onto remote access and there it was. Hit play on tv and it started playing. But it was just a recording of espn Info said it was an on demand program and had the dollar sign next to it. I checked on demand downloads, nothing there. Checked my account, I wasn't charged. This whole thing just baffles my mind. How does it only show on remote access and yet it's on my DVR somewhere?


SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 4, 2005
El Dorado Hills, CA Nr Sacramento
was it from tuesday Night ? we had 129 out and it caused all sorts of weird things happen - we had a similar experience where it took us to a VOD recording which we hadnt selected - if so i would put it down to that happening, what that does mean is you may have not recorded something you thought you had ! - we missed flipping out - reprise

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