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Aug 28, 2004
I have cable connected to my 522 receiver and can switch between cable and dish on tv1. Can it be done with tv2?
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Sep 19, 2004
DMA 114
I believe you would have to switch the feed from the receiver to TV2 to of those red, white, and yellow cables which I've suddenly forgotten the name of...and then plug the regular cable feed into the TV.


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Feb 29, 2004
Florissant, CO
chaddux is on the right track with using RCA ;) connections, although that's only one an answer to the question - and typically not suitable due to distance.

Datum: The cable input to the 522 does NOT get passed out via the TV2 port - only the TV1 port. There's your problem, right?

Now, knowing that, and knowing what the TV at the TV2 location has for inputs, you can start making decisions. If it's got 2 coax inputs, just run the cable there. If not, get a combiner (NOT a splitter or diplexer!) so that you can put the 522's channel onto the cable that is going to the second TV. It MUST be an appropriate combiner so you do not backfeed your 522's signal onto the cable system.

Now you have to set your 522 to an unused cable channel - preferably with some guard space around it to avoid interference. You may also need to use the sgnal attenuator that came with the 522. Check the 522 setup manual on how to set the TV2 modulator.
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