View DVR Recorded Shows on PC on Home Network

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Jun 13, 2016
Is there a way to view recorded shows (recorded on a DirecTV DVR) on a PC on the same home network?

It looks like you can accomplish something similar with the GenieGo (if/when it gets re-released later this year), but I'm trying to find a way to do this without first copying the shows to the GenieGo, which can take a while. The goal is closer to the Whole Home DVR where you can start watching a recorded show on a TV and go pick it up immediately on a PC.

I would guess you could do this by connecting a DirecTV box directly to your PC with the right video card, but that seems clunky and requires an extra box. Any other ways to achieve this? Thanks a lot for any ideas.


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Feb 7, 2008
I think this is where the "DirecTV Anywhere is Coming!" post would help out a lot.

See also today's Apple WWDC keynote, if interested in where tvOS is going (I am).

Basically, we're now starting to see that content providers are allowing carriers some limited leeway in how the content is ultimately distributed. Regarding DirecTV, some of this content is being freed up to be seen via handheld devices, though (and your point is good) not necessarily on a PC or Mac.

Check out the link for more details.
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You can try TVersity Media Server or another DLNA media server. It's also referred to as Media Share. Once you get this set up on the PC, you go to your Directv receiver in MENU>Extras>Music&Photos>My Computer>then look for your computer. The Music & Photos doesn't show up (in Win10) until the DLNA server is running. I believe there is a (crippled version) of DLNA in Win7/8.
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