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Jul 12, 2006
I bought this for my Christmas present because I had a pansat system in the Caribbean. I've followed all the advice from different persons on different forums, but I still can't lock onto Echostar 8,6? My "S" stream is about 63%, but the "Q" is nil. I have moved the satellite dish (31" eliptical) from place to place, but still unable to get a lock on the ES? Any ideas will be appreciated.
only idea I have is to subscribe legally! Unless you just want some nasa and such
Viewsat Extrem

What satellites are you trying to pick up?

Let me see if I can summarize what I've done thus far. I set my eliptical dish (31") on a 7i' pole, put it on the Diseqc HH motor (SG 2100), set the dish at about 220 W to try and catch Echostar 8. Ran 100' cable from dish to receiver. Connected LNB to Viewsat Ext SW41 4 in 1 diseqc switch. Loaded receivere with current PGM after doing factory default. Set motor for longitude and latitude of zip 71603. I didn't load any other files.

Here is the set-up:
Satellite: ES 8,10 110W
LNB power off (When it is turned on the "s" does not move up but remains at 64%; the Q does nothing)
LNB Type: Legacy Quad LN B2
LNB Freq: 11260 (S and Q rise and fall to o to 100 quickly)
ddhz: off
TP freq: 12288 (both S and Q rise and fall)
search: all
Diseqc 1.0: port 3
Motor off
Legacy Sw none
F1 scan sat. Total 32, processed 32; saved; receiver shows no channels. TV shows "no TV channels"

The only settings I changed on 119 is the TP frequence of 12297. F1 and 21 processed; saved, but same coments as above.

I used a signal meter to tune to 90% on the satellite and set my dish to that area. Each time I have done this there is no signal quality that will lock. The skew angle of the LNB is counterclockwise about 5 p.m.

I have followed the directions---limited--I got from the manufacturer. I have downloaded, read and followed suggestions, but I still can't get any programming? Any ideas?
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As a matter of fact....and they don't get DISH Network free or otherwise over there. So in all matters of fairness, nobody over here should get it free either!
Happy New Year, Scott!
This almost same worded post I saw over on another site originally, a site that caters to theives. Can't say for sure it's the same guy, but that is why I responded as I did in my first response to the question.
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