vip 211 question


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Aug 14, 2006
When I go to system setup, installation, point dish and try to change my satillite from 110 which I 75% signal to 119 with 99%signal or 129 with 85% signal, it always goes back to 110 after I change it. Is there a way to change this? Also, I have the hd platimium package, is there a better satillite to use?
I believe all of the Dish receivers are the same... Whatever channel you are watching when you go into "Menu 611", that's the satellite and transponder that will show up.

So it is obvious that you are mostly watching the NOLA locals on 110.:D
As you already found out, you can't select what satellite to tune in to. Whatever TP and satellite a channel is assigned to by Dish Network, that's the satellite and TP that the receivers will tune in to.

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