VIP 622 and 811 receiver with 2 coax runs?


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Feb 10, 2006
Waterloo, Iowa
Sorry for so many questions, this is my last! Anyway, Did I read right that I can run a VIP 622 dual tuners with 1 coax run (separtor in for tv1 and tv2), and also run an 811 from the 2nd port /coax run? That is, I can run 1 dual tuner and 1 single tuner from 2 coax runs from the lnb, without using any switches? If so, that will be perfect! I am prepping my site for my upgrade, so all the installer has to do is swap dishes and plug in the receiver. Thanks in advance!
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I do not have it yet, but looking at the installation sheet online, it looks like the Dish 1000 has the DPP that has the switches built in.

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