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Nov 11, 2008
OK, i feel like i'm an idiot...I very well could be, but please tell me there is a way to instead of not having to change your aspect ratio every time I want to watch HD.

Ok, here is what i do....I have a 1080p TV...and when I watch regular tv, i have my aspect ratio set at 4x3

then when I want to watch HD, i have to change my Aspect Ratio to I doing this wrong?

I know with DTV you don't have to do that, my buddy has it and it turns right to the channels and adjusts....

please help me think there is a change i am missing?



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Sep 30, 2006
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Read the manual it talks about aspect ratio. Leave it on 16 X 9. 4x3 programming will be 4x3 in middle of 16 x 9 screen pillar boxed. If you can't stand watching it that way use the zoom control to stretch, partial zoom or zoom picture.


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Nov 18, 2003
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With it on 16x9 (assuming a modern HDTV) just press the format (*) button 1 to 3 times. You may want stretched for SD and normal for HD--most here use normal all the time because they want circles round and square squared as they should be. HD and SD settings are remembered separately, however SD shown on a HD channel can be a problem. Then you may have to shift temporarily to stretch or gray bars. Most LCDs will recover from black bars caused by the SD on HD, plasmas may burn in, I use an LED DLP so it will never happen.

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