VIP211k Complete signal loss message bug when playing DVR and recording SAT

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Jun 14, 2010
VIP211k Complete signal loss message bug after playing DVR and recording SAT

This bug has occurred since the receiver upgrade earlier this year that changed several features of various DISH receivers.
At that time, the complete signal loss message was changed from it's previous format.
I have an OTA antenna connected for local channels. I don't get locals through the SAT.
This may be a random issue, I haven't tried to duplicate it other than normal use.

When I am viewing a previous recording with the DVR, and a scheduled SAT recording starts during this time,when I am finished with the DVR,
I get the complete signal loss message even though the SAT recording is still tuned and being recorded.

Short of resetting the receiver, it took awhile to figure a way out of this bug to quickly get back to viewing.
Turning the receiver off and on again doesn't help. I believe it starts to go through the process of locating a satellite.

If I select recall, view live TV or any other feature with the remote to restore viewing, the complete signal loss message remains.
If I select guide with the remote sometimes the guide appears and then I can tune a local station,
but usually I get a message that there is no guide data.
If I go back to the DVR and select a previous recording to play, I get the complete signal loss message.

The only way that I find to quickly restore viewing is to;
1. Go to the DVR My Recordings list.
2. Initially the current SAT recording is not visible, so you must scroll up to the current recording.
3. Select the current recording and select view or start from begining.

The current recording appears and after that everything works normally again.
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