VIP722 receiver having issues

Update: EHD has my recordings archived. Called Dish and was surprised not to get a pressure push to upgrade to a Hopper. After a bit of troubleshooting over the phone (which I had done everything that was requested before the phone call), a replacement 722 is being sent out. So fingers crossed all will be fixed next week and then can look into the Hopper (and the rf modulator mentioned above) to be a future upgrade.
5 EHDs from my 722k transferred without incident to my Hopper 3. I didn’t let the tech go before confirming that that worked. (For a few minutes after it was installed, the H3 didn’t recognize the EHDs, and during that time, and the tech gave some excuses such as mpeg2 vs mpeg4, then it just started recognizing them and has had no trouble since.)

I’m also now running new disks with various shows copied from the 722K mixed in with the new Hopper 3 recordings. I use a bash script on a linux box to move certain shows from one disk to another to clean up my old 722 recordings which had become very disorganized across 5 EHDs over 15 years or so. I haven’t had any issues with the Hopper 3 complaining about any of this. It all seems pretty robust and predictable here.
Update: The replacement receiver lasted about 8 hours (signal lost and then unplugged multiple times to only get a fan running fast with nothing on the TV) after activating it and setting up all the timers. Called Dish and got my original receiver re-activated to be able to watch/ record TV. Received a 2nd replacement receiver and is waiting for me to have some time to activate.