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Jun 21, 2011
Madison, Wisconsin
Where does the Video comes from?
So when I click on the DVR and choose Dish Online. It is from the SAT or from the broadband?
Because I just have new internet service and also lost sat signal on the HD channels today (because some workers that left their truck parked blocking the antenna and they don't come until tomorrow:rant:) the thing is that I see the message of NO EVENTS TO DISPLAY
But I don't know if it is because of the internet signal (it says that is is on and the meter is green) or it is because of the Dish don't getting signal.
I thought that the VOD content came from the Bradband but now I don't know.
So to worry about the new internet provider or not to worry at all and let the signal from the sat come again.

Thank you.

Ray C

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Dec 21, 2010
Littleton, Co.,US
VOD comes off the satellite. These are the movies you can rent and are new and recent releases. IPVOD movies are movies fed over the Internet. Depending upon your receiver, they may be located within DISH Online, Blockbuster Movie Pass (622, 722/722k) or On Demand (922). These receivers need a broadband connection to have access to these movies. I hope this answers your question. Thanks.

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