Voltage still present on 510 video even when off!


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May 14, 2004
Hello there. I'm having a problem with my new 510. It seems that it sends out a voltage signal (from the rca jacks) even when the unit is powered off. It fools my Sony A/V switcher into never powering down (it's set to turn off after 10 minutes of no signal). None of my other equipment sends out a signal when they are turned off. I called Dish and 2 techs (one sub-level and another advanced) swore to Holy God that there's no way it would be sending out a signal. I tested this on my two tvs , my a/v receiver and my switcher and it is definately sending out a signal. I can't see a picture or hear sound, it's just a dark picture. Any ideas on this? Anyone else notice this? Please help. Thanks.
I think all of the dish receivers output a signal when off. I ran into this problem with my 4900 receivers when I tried to hook one up to my whole house audio receiver . It was actually mentioned in the audio receivers manual that some sat. receivers do this.

These receivers also consume about the same amount of voltage whether on or off !
Just to be a nitpicker ;) Stuff don't consume voltage. Voltage pushes the current into the device demanding the current because of it's load or impedance. It consumes power which is a product of the voltage and current. :)
This "feature" sucks, it messes up my component switcher, I had to make my 6000 be the lowest priority on the switch since it always outputs a signal. It also disables the recording standby feature of my JVC DVHS deck since the deck looks for an active signal then starts recording. My small monitor that I use like a PIP screen also has a continual glow when connected to the 6000 since the video signal is not completely shutoff either.
The ONLY way I was able to have the audio receiver determine whether the sat. rec. was on or off was to use a light sensor at the teeny green led on-light on the front. At an extra cost of $90 ! Couldn't use the RCA output or even an AC current sensor.
Ah thank you everyone for your help.

Thank you for helping me with this problem. I thought I was just insane (which is the impression the Dish techs were giving me...I think they're trained in messing with my head much better than in solving my problems). So the point is, according to one post: not only am i using power of the receiver when it's off, I'm also using power of my switch. Craptacular! Oh well.
Thanks again for confirming my suspicions. I was ready to send it back as defective and demand a new one.

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