Software update for the DVR921?


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Dec 11, 2003
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New software for the DVR921

My 921 is currently blinking as occurs when a software update is taking place. Could it be that the oft delayed software update (supposedly L180) is being sent or perhaps just another so-called emergency fix?

Mine started at 17:30MDT. 10 minutes in, I've got 9 of 30.

I'll bet a donut the ONLY change is to remove Menu-4-5: "DVHS Setup", and that'll delay the release of the real fixes by days to weeks. If so, I'll say it in advance: B@$t@rd$!!!
L180 has indeed been installed. Changes noticed so far:

1. No change-the VHS menu is still there and is still greyed out.

2. Fixed-the blue light no longer turns on after a reboot (didn't turn on after the reboot which occurred after the software download).

3. New bug-the four favorites lists previously included all local digital channels but now none are included. You can go into the favorites menu and add them to your lists but they aren't saved. Fortuneately you can still tune in the channels manually regardless of the favorite list you are on.

4. Not fixed-the bug where you cannot save a digital local channel for viewing when it doesn't transmit any PSIP information. The UPN affiliate here in San Francisco (KBHK) can't be viewed with the 921 even though it can be with the 6000 or the 811. There are a few other channels like this around the country.

I'll keep checking the update as the above are just the first few things I noticed.

Just noticed another fix-the list of digital local channels accessed when editing a timer (or setting up a manual timer) no longer includes any duplicates.

The stretch and zoom aspect ratio is fixed for SD, but not graybar. 2 out of 3 isn't bad and atleast I can watch SD on it now.

Update. I thought the stretch was fixed, but I guess it is almost fixed. Still over stretching just a bit. It is watchable now.
I got word that this upgrade was going to be spooled from the engeneering department just after I left work.

I am told it fixes reboots but adds more OTA problems (whatever that means)
The PIP purple bar has been fixed too.

Now when you press PIP twice in rapid succession, you dont get a purple bar on the right side of the inset picture.

The biggest PLUS I noticed was that the POWER buttons are no longer tied together. That really P***ed me off before. Sometimes they would toggle in opposite states.

Now pressing POWER to the TV button just shuts off the TV. Pressing larger POWER only turns the 921 on and off.

The Picture with guide bleed down hasn't been fixed. While watching HDnet and pressing guide, the bottom row of pixels bleeds down through the guide in transparent mode.

I haven't done any OTA checking yet.

Holding my breath...... :smug
I think it is called 'JOB SECURITY'.....

Just think.... If the 921 worked flawlessly, you wouldn't call tech support...

CSR's would be out of a job....

Engineering/Troubleshooting dept would close since they wouldn't have any problems to try to duplicate and fix.

They would lose thier homes and brand new cars since they couldn't afford the payments.

Satelliteguys.US would get minimal traffic since people would no longer come to the internet to look for solutions to thier problems.

Scott would pay less per month for bandwidth...

His hosting co would have to let someone go because of the lost revenue.

They would lose their home/car too....

The mortgage companies and car dealers would have to take a loss and repo the property to recoup their money.

Out of work people spend less money at the store.

Stores sell less products, resulting in even more layoffs.

Maufacturers feel the pinch and cut back...

The whole world folds... Kaos everywhere....

So you see, E* is keeping harmony in the world by putting out products that are less than acceptable.

Life is good.

Wgn Pause Fix

I didn't know this was an issue, but the advanced tech had me check CHAN 239 WGN and see if I could pause the broadcast.

I could. He said with previous software, the DVR functions would not work on that channel. Weird...

He also stated that the bug of recording 2 OTA channels at once and pressing STOP would terminate BOTH recordings. I rarely record any OTA so I wasn't able to verify that.

Just FYI.
Mine has been acting very weird since the upgrade, now every 20 minutes or so I get a message on my screen that my Smartcard does not have authorization to watch the program, and the picture freezes up for a few seconds with the error message on the screen. THen it starts working again (although it dumps the buffer)

VERY annoying.

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