Voom being installed this week in Santa Monica, CA


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May 10, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
I haven't seen anyone else here with Voom in Santa Monica, California (near LA). I already have an OTA (Weingart) that Voom tells me that they will use. It works great, so i'm hoping the install will go smooth.

They are coming out on the 13th, I hope!
So far so good, the guy showed up today, since he didn't have to do the OTA, it took him about an hour. he bitched about wait on teh phone so long for Voom CS. Picture is otta sight!
To add: Voom didn't set me up with the Marqis pack which includes ESPN HD, one of the main reasons I got Voom instead of Rupert. Called CS and all fixed.

It was easy to get the Voom remote codes for my Home Theatre Master Mx-800 and all the Voom stuff is now working well. The clock is an hour off but that's an easy fix.

Some of the SD channels are just okay but hey, I got Voom for hi-def content.
I Might Get Voom In Pacific Palisades

:mad: I'm having Voom installed this week in Pacific Palisades.I live near Santa Monica.I've already experienced some problems as a potentionally new customer with Voom.First of all,did you know that the Voom signal is stronger if you live in the east coast.Also,there's something called rain fade.If you have 18inch dish installed..your Voom can blank out if it rains.The 24 inch Voom dish will not give you that problem..but you have to qualify to get it.
There's more...I read in the e-mail Voom sent me about my upcoming installation...they said I must supply the Multi-switch.So Vooms advertisement about how they have all the equipment for the install is a pack of lies...cause they don't.I'm this close to cancelling my installation.
There's more.I requested an upgraded OTA antenna..since Voom over the phone did a distance test from my zip code to see what digital channels I'd be able to receive...with their usual OTA antenna which they provide I would'nt be able to see any digital channels..but with their upgraded antenna..which will cost me $30 to $40 I'm told..that I'll possibly be able to getCBS HD and WB HD. I was hopeing for ABC HD..oh well.
Is Voom really a good service???? Convince me.
Most of us here think Voom is great -- once you get past the install. No question about it.

My "free install" ended up costing me over $400, all said and done. "Oh, you want us to use a ladder? That will be an extra $90". "Oh, you don't want phone wires running along your walls? That will be an extra $50 for a wireless phone jack." "Oh, you want us to crawl under your house? That will be....." You might want a safe power strip, Etc., Etc. Then there are charges for a larger OTA antenna, etc., as you say.

So, my advice, go look at the program listings at zap2it.com and make sure you like the Voom programming. Also, go to antennaweb.org and make sure you are in a location to receive all the OTA channels you are expecting.

If you are happy with the programming and the OTA reception in your area, and if you really want to have a ton of HD (not available anywhere else), then bite the bullet and go for it!

We have been with Voom since May and we really like it.

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