[VOOM/DISH/OTA] Good RF but no channels on scan



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Are you sure the scan is not picking up digital channels? Be aware
that the RF meter will show signal strength on both NTSC and ATSC
channels but the VOOM receiver will only actually handle the ATSC
digital channels and ignore the NTSC analog ones.
The scan should list what digitals it finds. If you have known
digital channels in the area that you can receive with another OTA
tuner than you can check it with that. Remember that when you are
trying to get the digital version of analog channel 4, it could be
located at RF 30 or 40 or whatever.
http://www.2150.com/broadcast/default.asp is useful to find out vital
info about your digital channels such as where they are located,
direction, RF channel, and broadcast power. Antennaweb.org is also a
useful site to explain how to get digitals.....


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