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> ok so i bought a ATI HDTV wonder for my pc, it came with an

antenna, and
> i WAS able to pick up channels.
> I returned that and got a activated Voom box instead (ofcourse it

> cheaper also).
> anyways i can get 85-96 signal strentgh on RF's 22, 33, 36, 42.
> when i scan for channel, i CANT pick anything up. whats going on
> here?
> if i was able to pick up channels thru the ATI hd wonder, why cant i
> pick up channels from the Voom + silver sensor antenna?
> the ATI hd wonder, all i did was hit the scan button, i didnt have

> enter in a RF.
> any ideas? THANKS
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Are you using a good enough antenna I have a Voom also and live about
30 miles away from Orlando, FL and use the Terk HDTVi antenna its similar
to the antenna ATI gives you except it also has a VHF antenna that is
required if some of your stations are on VHF.


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