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There are a lot of threads that are important but I can not stick them all. I'll try to keep this list updated.

Voom Current Hot Topics

Hardware/Software Topics
  1. All Voom receiver have RF built in.
  2. Help for VoIP (Vonage) hows yours configured?
  3. How do you record local channels on Tivo?
  4. All channels except StarzHD 261 and 262
  5. Take a Photo Tour of the Voom Facility
  6. Landline Required for VOOM??
  7. VOOM to employ Windows Media 9
  8. VOom and the Harmony Remote SST-659 ?
  9. TV Question?? 1080p??
  10. VOOM Receiver Code for Programing Remote?
  11. Voom Reciever and 4dtv Reciever use same remote codes
  12. Voom and my Onkyo 601
  13. MPEG 4 Information (closed thread)
  14. All channels except StarzHD 261 and 262
  15. VOOM Installations
  16. Voom on a Standard(4:3) TV
  17. trying to understand rain fade
  18. Help. Voom Component to RGB problems
  19. has anybody recorded in hd from voom
  20. HDCP is now ON, if you have a non-HDCP compliant HDTV change to COMPONENT
  21. DVI Switch Recommendation?
  22. Stealth antenna getting power from Motorola box?
  23. Well I should be getting my new 30" dish..
  24. Software Bug or Malfunctioning Receiver?
  25. ? on dish sizes
  26. Best Remote to Use for Voom and my HT???
  27. Audio levels between HD and SD
  28. Voom and ReplayTV
  29. Upgrading OTA Antenna
  30. Good Off Air Antennas/Amplifiers
  31. Windows Media 9 HD 1080p Anamorphic @ 6.8Mbps! voOm needs WM9HD compression!
  32. Pre-Installation Questions
  33. Important tip for those going to larger dish
  34. How to see the whole picture?
  35. 2 small white dots in the screen
  36. Pics showing relation of 61.5 dish to 119/110/101 phase 3 dish?

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