Voom Signal Strength...Please post your #

Gregg Loewen

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Dec 13, 2003
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Hi guys

My signal strength was first at at 23-25, and after a 2nd installer relocated the dish the SS went up to 45. I have been told that the #s are different than with Direct and Dish, and can verify that you lose the signal around 18-20 (which IS MUCH LOWER than Direct and Dish).

What kind of numbers do you have? Also, have any of you used a larger dish and gotten better results?

thanks in advance.

PS: Sean, if this is some kind of duplicate thread, feel free to remove it.

I think we had a similar thread before but it is a valid thread. My signal strength is between 55-60. My signal quality is above 45.


I have seen situations were the signal strength is between 55-60 but the signal quality has dropped to the lower teens and therefore dropped the video and sound. This happened recently when the dish got frozen.

My signal strength, as far as I know, has remained intact but the quality of the signal dropping make you lose the video/sound. So far through rain and snow, in a period of two months, I only can recall two drops on video and sound do to rain/snow/ice. There were two other drops for specific channel but it was a problem with VOOM uplink facility.
My signal quality runs around 55 , and 80 power with an 18 inch dish, going to upgrade to an 24 inch dish and that should improve it even more.

I still do not get any OTA's (maybe today....installer scheduled) so my OTA quality is about 15, with 0 power