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May 19, 2004
I was looking at my Dish statement the other day and noticed that they were charging me 31.99 instead of 19.99 for the first 2 months. I sent an email, but they said "no, you are just being charged 19.99". That was incorrect, so I called and the CSR kept telling me that I signed up for the promo that was 31.99 and that I signed up too early (5/1) for the 19.99 deal. I had to ask for a supervisor twice, and then got passed on to a 3rd person before they agreed with me. The one thing that did help was finding the press release of the promo on their website. It was just sad that I had to direct them there. :no

So, check your statement when it comes in!


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Jun 3, 2004
let me just say the reason i'm not with dish is because of their rude attitude. they think that they are the only game in town. i will never buy services from dish


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Feb 10, 2005
I had this exact thing happen--have called CSR's twice, as well as my local retailer through which I ordered dish--the assured me I would get the additional credit--on next month's bill, so I am going to pay only what I owe them this month (thus deducting the proper amount to account for the $19.99 not being charged. Since I am billed for 2 months, that amounts to an additional $24 credit they owe me. I will keep calling them until my online bill shows the credit. I also ask for the CSR's name and reference number and sent a copy of the bill to my local retailer.

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