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Mar 21, 2004
I will be brief (beleive me I could really rant about my saturday :)

-The installation took so far over 6 hours, and was left unfinished.
-During that time the installer was on hold for most of the time.

And now I'm taking over the process and I'm finding this:

-What the installer thought was the key card, was actually the OTA module.
-The antena feed (multiplexed I might add) was feed to the wrong input
-I still dont know how to use the 'little hiden red button', "its magic"
-Voom will call me back in 72hours to follow up...

But, I found the access card slot, took the card out and slide it back in.
Poof things started to work. But with no OTA channels.

The doc given was no help, I had to find this site to get valuable data/info.

I done a factory reset now, put things back to normal but I'm now loosing
signal every few minutes. Its normally floating Aound 50% (green) and then goes to 0% (red) untill I go manualy re tune it.

Beside all this, I still cant stand the menu system and how slow and flacky it is to navigate :( (beside the crash that require a manual reboot)
So I'm not going to buy it...

Note: The installer said he is doing satelite install for 4 years now.
Cant those guy get good instructions from voom with the HW package?!?!

What a waist of everyone time, just because of missing documentation...


PS: I want to also note that none of the question I asked on the voom web site where ever answered... Because of that I almost canceled the day before the installation , I had a bad feeling about this.

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City

It does not seem like your installation was done correctly if you are having to retune it to get a decent signal. Are these the satellite signals?


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Mar 21, 2004
Here are more data:

I sheduled with voom a followup install to tweak the antena and dish.

Note: The installer said he was instructed by voom to multiplex the line for antena and dish.

But here is a recap of my situation today:

- Signal drop, from time to time. Power cycling, or retuning usually fixes it.
(When this happen the signal that normaly ocilate at 50, drop to zero)
- The box is flacky, and I had it lockup many time but not enought to find a way to reproduce..
- The UI is just too slow (I would list this as a top priority to fix)
Its also not well designed for hunting something to watch,
both added together add to big frustration.

I also have audio drop in the spdif audio signal that I need to investigate before pointing a finger.


PS: in the 5 hours the installer was with voom on the phone, nobody asked him to reseat the access card... He didn't even know one existed.
Instead they must have taken in/out the OTA module 20 times.

I'm not sure if I'm an issolated case, but this type of issue can really hurt a company reputation.

Ken F

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Mar 8, 2004

Once you've got a stable signal (a service call may be required?), a new version of the software will download in the early morning hours that improves the responsiveness of the guide and channel changing.

A poorly aligned dish (inadequate signal) also seems to cause more lockups with the boxes. It sounds like you got installer who was on his first VOOM install, and had not done any research prior to arriving at your house. By trying to figure it out as he went, he was clearly wasting your time.

This is a new service, and there are some growing pains, but it should not be as bad as you've experienced, by any means.


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Nov 6, 2003
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It's been reported that some people are having issues with the diplexer they provide. I used my existing set and they work fine.

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