Waiting for 811? How long if you got one?


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Feb 13, 2004
undefinedHow long has everyone been on this pre-order list?I've been on it for four weeks now. How's the hd on this unit, I've just bought the 50" lcd Hitachi and can't wait for Hd.Anyone have this combo or close to it??? Love to hear from ya! Ross
I onyl waited 2 weeks after ordering one as a new customer (the 2 weeks was because I needed a Saturday install).
I am sure there are many people here on the pre-order list longer then 4 weeks.
DirkFunk said:
They told me 4-6 weeks. I'm on week 2.

I have been on it for three weeks (After telling me it would be three weeks), I called the other day and they said told me to wait another 4-6 weeks.

I Wish I Had My 811....

HELP!! 811/34" monitor config

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