Waiting for Superdish....


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Dec 3, 2003
I had pre-ordered for Superdish 121 in January 2004, still waiting for it.

Anybody in the same boat?

It seem all new subscribers get superdish immediately, only for the existing customers Dish network don't have stock.

:mad: :mad: :mad:
dish doesn't value current customers. here is further proof. want value? go to DirecTV or Voom and you will get it.
Just as a question and not to argue that there's a good reason for you to be waiting, but what services are you looking to use the SuperDish for?

Is it for Locals that are are on the 105 sat? Was it for the HD, that has been since moved to core sats?

I understand that Dish has a requirement to deliver the SuperDish for those that order Locals in DMA's that are placed on 105. For customers that don't have Locals on 105 and don't really benefit Dish is probably delaying delivery. Again, Dish should state that this is the cause or provide a dish instead of having you hanging as you are.
to get my superdish i had to call an exectutive number. they saw rescedules and hooked me up week later. search around for it i forget the number

Pay-Per View coupons

just ordered voom online tonight

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