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If you are interested what the Sirius Satellite Radio Service will sound like on Dish Network, you can go and buy a Sirius radio, or you can download the attached file and will be able to enjoy Sirius Now for FREE.

What you need:

Windows Media Player
Broadband Internet Connection
The Attached File Below

Download the file below and unzip it somewhere, once unziped double click on the file which will launch the Windows Media Player.

On the right side of the screen you will see all the sirius music channels. Click on the one you want to listen to and enjoy.

If you want to see what the artist and title of the song you are listening to you need to turn on Captions and Subtitles in Windows Media Player.

There you go. Now you can enjoy Sirius until the audio becomes available on Dish Network. :)

Thanks to our friends from SiriusBackStage.COM for the information!


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I have been listening most of the morning, and I must admit I like XM's programming a little bit better then what I have heard so far on Sirius.
I personaly don't think that this link should be posted on the net cause They can stop the feeds at anytime . This is for Subsribers only .

It's a shame that XM doesn't do this
Rolltide the link was sent to me by someone at Sirius to post.

Relax Bud.

I also wish XM had this option as well. I have the option of a new office at work, but don't want to move into this bigger office because I get no XM signal in there.
same exact broadcast.... Jan 4th is when they last updated the links to the streaming.

It's a shame that they don't have girl 2.0 and Preistly
I've spent the whole day at work with the stream playing. I'm a bit disappointed with the music. The new age station that I know they used to have is *gone* leaving a complete void in that genre. This being said, I hope the current DishCD stuff doesn't disappear, I don't want to loose new age.

Also, all the dance is of the club/house/breaks variety. Where's the Trance? I thought they had a trance dedicated station when I looked at purchasing a sirius awhile back. Their 'chill' station is also a joke. I don't think it even deserves to be in the dance category.

I know they just changed all their stations around at CES time. I'm thinking they had a stronger linup before the change...

It's too bad. :-(
Scott, I tried to download and my wip zip shows 0 bytes downloaded. What's up. Did anyone else download it and does it work.
For what's it worth, DISH's audio channels are available for free to anyone with satellite PC card or FTA (free to air) satellite receivers.

Unlike video channels, audio channels are not scrambled technically.
I'm diggin' the 70's sound. Where else could you hear the Carpenters then Boston then the Emotions (Best of My Love). I've found more than 10 streams that I could listen to anytime. I'm happy and thinking strongly of getting this for the car.
Totally agree mikew, after hearing it for a bit I'm considering the investment. The 80's channel is awesome! Along with all the rock stations that rule as well...
No longer working

I had it working earlier today now I get this message for Windows Media.

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the specified protocol is not supported. In the Open URL dialog, try opening the file using a different transport protocol (for example, "http:" or "rtsp:").

What's a Transponder?

spotbeams, signal quality and locals

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