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Jan 20, 2010
Hello everyone,

I would like to offer a warning about dealing with DVB Seller in China. (Some may say if you deal with sellers in China you get what you deserve but that’s another issue). I ordered and eventually received a Dreambox from them. However it was faulty and I believe the tuner wasn’t working. DVB Seller told me to take the motherboard out and send it back to them and they would replace it. I sent it (international tracking) and they twice refused to accept delivery consequently it was sent back to the UK. When I have contacted them they have just given me excuses, when they have eventually responded. I am particularly frustrated because initially the unit wasn’t working, they promised to put it right, I had more expense sending it back to them and DVB Seller clearly never intended to honour their promise in the first place! I will never trust them again, it’s been an expensive and time consuming exercise. Beware!

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