Watch Dogs Trailer With Release Date

Has anyone been playing this game and if so is it as good as it looks?

I'm still playing it and I'm liking it so far. I still prefer GTA V and Saints Row the Third when it comes to open world games set in a semi realistic world(i.e. not inFamous or Saints Row 4). Still Watch Dogs is a pretty good attempt for people looking for a big open world game to play on their new consoles. I'm still look forward into putting more time into it when I get home at night.

Almost bought it the other day, but decided to wait for price to drop. I still find it crazy to pay $60 for a game.

Gamefly is really the way to go if you want to play newer games on a consistent basis. Sure, I would rather own than rent but before Gamefly I was buying all the big releases I wanted to play. This easily added up to a game a month if you average it out over the year. I ended up buying a lot of games on day 1 that I couldn't get to for several months because I had too many other games to finish. Even if I wait until they are on sale I would still be paying a lot more than my $15 a month for Gamefly and I don't typically feel the need to go back to a game after I beat it. I still buy the multiplayer focused games that I know I will want to randomly go back to several months down the line.

I can turn around most games in a little over a month and Gamefly helps keep me focused. Instead of starting 4 different games the day they come out and not finishing any of them I tend to focus on whichever rental I have home at the time. This has me actually beating a much higher percentage of the games I play. When I'm waiting for a new game to come I go back and make some progress on the games I actually purchased on sale for my various devices.
And anyone who wants Gamefly, let me send you a referral so that way we both get a free month of service. ;)

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