NHL 15

All part of EA's new strategy of releasing unfinished games and just patching them in later. See Titanfall and The Sims 4 for other references.
Unfinished games might not be so bad if the content that was made available actually worked. Madden 15 is freezing constantly for a lot of folk on all systems (last and current gen) and EA won't even acknowledge the problem exists in spite of several threads in their official forums. And apparently last year's Madden 25 had the same issue. I was actually impressed with how much content and modes Madden 15 shipped with compared to my previous foray into the world of Madden (11), but now I cringe, waiting for a freeze, every time the game pauses to load. :(

EDIT: not to mention, I only found out after the fact, EA stripped the last gen versions of some highly touted and frequently advertised new features, without any mention (that I saw) that they were only available in PS4/Xbone versions.
I'm sure they're looking into freezing issues, but EA has just been so bad with taking stuff out that it's just embarrassing. I mean for crying out loud, they took TODDLERS out of The Sims 4. Hell I'm pretty sure they had those in the original Sims (or The Sims 2 for sure.) That's simply inexcusable. It also stinks that the series is so dependent on DLC that when a new iteration comes out it's a jarring experience because you've lost all the added DLC content of the previous versions. I still think that it's BS that you have to PAY for the privilege of having pets. And shipping Titanfall without Private Matches? REALLY? Name one other game that shipped without a feature like that. And let's not even get into the whole Battlefield 4 fiasco.

I'm not trying to jump on the "Let's Hate EA" train, but the idea that they're shipping out unfinished products at $60 is insulting to gamers. If nothing else it shows a definite lack of respect towards its audience, like "Yeah, we can just throw crap out there with the veiled promise that it'll be good eventually." EA has made a number of improvements with it's treatment of customers by abandoning Online Pass and making Origin more customer friendly, but with each step forward they seem to take another step back.
EA support was saying they hadn't heard of the freezing problem on Madden 15 when folks were calling in, according to various accounts in EA help forums, but like anything else these days, one needs to take the issue to major social media airwaves to get any real attention and a response:
EA's NHL is basically the only game I've been playing lately. This may be the only year in a long time I skip an NHL release. Still playing NHL 14 on the 360. I enjoy playing the 6 on 6 online mode. Don't have an XB1 for myself yet, so my option may be to grab NHL 15 for the 360. I may rent it first and see how many people are playing 15 on 360s. EA more or less had 2 years to get NHL right for next gen and they blew it. I was ready to drop some cash on an Xbox One and NHL 15. No way I'm doing that now. Also not spending $60 for the 360 version, for what's basically roster updates.
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