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D. Manley

SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 18, 2012
United States
The answer is because ESPN will not allow DISH customers to access the Watch ESPN app as those digital rights are not included in the current contract that they have with DISH. The same goes with DIRECTV as well. In fact many cable operators do not have Watch ESPN access for their customers.

I do believe we will see it come once the new contract is complete. The question is when will that be?

I really hope this becomes a reality. There are numerous sporting events on ESPN3 (and others) that are inaccessible on Dish Anywhere an although I do maintain a limited basic Comcast account, can no longer access thru Watch ESPN since it's no longer in my subscription. Make it happen DISH!

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Aug 23, 2009
Near a tree
ESPN3 is the main reason to have the app on the hopper - most CFB games seem to be only shown on ESPN3 so no matter if you have regular ESPN or the other channels you are screwed. ESPN3 or watch ESPN should be allowed per any subscriber login to the app if you have the other channels on any package end of story. They just need to finalize a damn contract give us back all the HD channels they took away, ESPNU in HD and watchESPN ability and let us get on with life.
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