Weird blackout scroll on ESPN2 HD


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Jun 7, 2009
During the White Sox Angels game on ESPN 2 HD tonight there was a weird scroll going right across the players' heads tonight. It was pretty annoying because they sent it across the screen several times and it wasn't out of the way like the normal tickers.

It said something like this. Game subject to blackouts. if you see an error message go to to find it on your local station. That isn't exact but it was something like this.

If a game is blacked out you can't tune to the channel in the first place. An error message comes up and says the game isn't available in your area. Why would Dish add a scroll to ESPN's programing that only affects people who can't see the scroll?

It wasn't a huge deal but I just thought it was weird and kind of annoying. I haven't seen it again since the 2nd or 3rd inning though.

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