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Feb 16, 2004
Welcome to our 3D TV discussion forum at SatelliteGuys.US! This is your place to discuss the latest 3D TV displays, players, glasses and 3D titles.

3D Television is now a reality! Whether it will become the next big thing or just a short-lived fad - time will tell. But we are here to witness it!

And if you are one of those who have already jumped on the bandwagon, please make sure to post your reviews and first impressions!
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Jan 31, 2007
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New 3D

After reading the first reviews of 3D televisions, I knew that plasma was the way to go. The LCDs are wrought with problems, such as EXTREMELY limited viewing angles and ghosting. After searching the various local retailers and online retailers, I found that, by far, the best deal was to be had online at www.ClevelandPlasma.com . I called the toll free number just to confirm the online price. Chris, the owner, actually answered the phone. He assurred me that the price was correct ( $400 lower than the cheapest price I had yet found ). I immediately placed my order. Chris was great. He answered all of my questions and walked me through the process. He emailed me several times just to make sure that I knew what to do when the equipment was delivered. The next day, I received an email from the shipper asking me when would be the best time for delivery. We set up a delivery time, and sure enough, 30 minutes before delivery, the shipper called to make sure I was at home. It arrived, the 2 employees brought it into my house, unpacked everything, set it on my stand, and then plugged it in to make sure everything was undamaged and working. I then signed for my new 3D Panny plasma. I cannot say enough great things about Cleveland Plasma. Great prices, great service. What else could anyone want ?? :up

OK, now about the Panasonic TC-P58VT25. It is the most AWESOME TV I have ever seen. I have a Panny RPTV in my den and a Viewsonic LCD in my bedroom. I have had Sony and Hitachi HDTVs in the past, as well. Nothing even comes close to this TV. After the break-in, I put my DVE BD calibration disc into my 3D BD player. I put the TV into THX mode, as suggested by Panasonic, as well as the reviewers I had read. Sure enough, the THX mode was almost perfect with the industry standards. I only made a couple of minor personal preference adjustments. My wife, who normally couldn't care less, was actually stopped in her tracks when she saw the picture. She said it looked so "normal". It was like looking out of our front window at people passing by. Then I put the 3D demo disc into the player. It was so realistic that we both jumped several times to avoid objects coming out of the TV and into our living room. I have seen the various attempts at 3D in the past, from the premier of "The 3D House of Wax" in the 1950s ( yes, I'm that old ) up through the present. Well, someone has finally gotten it right. Yes, I know you have to wear those glasses, but seriously, after a few minutes, neither I nor my wife noticed them any more. And the great thing about plasma is - no matter how you move your head or body, the 3D picture remains the same. Even when seated to the side, the picture remains the same - unlike the LCD 3Ds, where you must be seated EXACTLY in front of the TV. Pansonic has done 3D right on their plasmas. Even in 2D, this TV beats the pants off anything else being manufactured today.
IMHO, if you are even THINKING about purchasing a new HDTV this year - buy a Panasonic VT series plasma. If you're looking for a 3D HDTV - buy a Panasonic VT series plasma. You absolutely cannot do any better.
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Apr 21, 2004
It is a year later and here is my reply. I am still out as to wether 3D is here to stay or just a passing fad...I lean more towards it will still be just a fad, and I never planned on purchasing a 3D tv but could not pass up my 1st 3D and 1st plasma purchase just because it was a great price. A Samsung 43 inch 720P 600mhz 3D HDTV for 650 bucks including 2 pair of glasses. I have alot more 3D games and 3D blu ray movies to enjoy Vs. 3D TV programming but regardless if 3D will ever be the norm which I doubt it will I certainly got a great deal an a great HDTV with great PQ with 3D as a plus.
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