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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
On behalf of WION Radio I would like to welcome you all to the NEW WION Forum, which is proudly hosted by SatelliteGuys!

The WION Forum returns to SatelliteGuys as we celebrate 60 years of WION Radio! We are not only excited by this forum, but we are also excited as for the first time ever WION Radio is now available to listen to anywhere in the world!

If you have ever listened to WION you will know it's a unique radio station. It's radio, the way radio used to be! A true community station, plus a wide variety of features and a music library unlike any radio station! In addition WION is probably one of the best sounding AM Radio stations in America! Believe it or not when you are listening to WION's new Internet Stream, you are listening to it coming from a AM Radio!

WION Radio is one of the few radio station in the United States broadcasting in AM Stereo! WION owner Jim Carlyle stumbled upon the fact that a number of HD Radios can decode the AM Stereo stream and he had a AM Stereo encoder so he said "what the heck" and had his engineer Scott turn WION into a AM Stereo station! As you can hear the sound quality is amazing!

Here in our new WION forum you will not only be interfacing with other WION listeners, but also WION Staff. Jim Carlyle the host of the Coffee Crew here as "Radio."

Jim invites you to tune in to his show weekdays from 6am to 9am, Jim also invites you to be part of the show by calling in! (For those SatelliteGuys Members calling in make sure to let him know your a SatelliteGuys member!) To call in just dial 616-527-9466!

Jim has lots of plans for this forum, but he also wants your suggestions as well, after all just like WION is your station, this forum is your forum as well!

It is another hope that with this forum and with WION's new online stream that people learn more about Ionia, Michigan. Ionia is a unique community with a proud heritage of helping others. You will find that the folks of Ionia have a great pride in serving other members of their community. You will also find that Ionia is also a great place to have a business.

It is also our hope to introduce SatelliteGuys Members to America's Biggest Little Radio Station, WION! And we also hope WION listeners will discover SatelliteGuys and all we offer here, sure we are know for being America's Most Popular Satellite Information Sites, but SatelliteGuys is so much more then that! You will find that SatelliteGuys is not just a forum for all kinds of topics and interests, but we are also a community or friends. You will find that the forums at SatelliteGuys are unlike anywhere else, and we want you to be part of it!

So on behalf of WION and SatelliteGuys I would like to welcome you to our new WION forum, a forum and radio station that were 60 years in the making!

So welcome to something great that was 60 years in the making!


"On the Air" in MI
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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
Thanks for the intro, Scott, and the forum! Because so much work had to go into the technical and website end of presenting streaming for a small station (that does it all on our own, not part of a big conglomerate streaming service) our website is updated
with information on this new service, and a link to this forum, and Satellite guys get a few hours "sneak peek" ahead of our local listeners! Please enjoy, and visit with us often!

Please join us in the morning of February 1st, (Friday) from 6-9AM EST for our "gathering of friends" as we celebrate 60 years of WION! You never know (and we don't either) who may drop in, and the webcam feed will be "on" for the show. We've had everything from yellow kayaks to live animals visit, and on our 60th, we don't know who'll drop in for breakfast!

The website and this forum will grow with time, and thanks for stopping by!
Now, those of you who have gotten to know WION in name, we hope can enjoy it "online".

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