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May 29, 2006
Lower Alabama
Ive been back and forth for months about what to do. Ive got a great OTA signal and have ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and Cw in HD. Also can get PBS and Ion.

Only 2 of my 26 series links are satellite channels, so i just had to ask if its worth it.

I finally decided it wasnt (not hurting for money, just ridiculous to have it if I dont use it), so I have a TivoHD, USB wireless and 500gb My DVR Expander on the way. I also changed my Cox HSI to Verizon dsl ($2 more/mo, but twice as fast) which will give me ESPN360 access (big reason for keeping sat).

I really only need ESPN from Aug to Dec for Nascar and Fball, so hopefull 360 will help fill the gap.

Savings will be about $65/mo.
Well, you have to look at the situation for assuming cable is better. Verizon DSL here is good, and I get 3mbps down for $2 more/mo than Cox which is 1.5mbps down. I also have issues out of the Cox speed after rain, and of course they say nothing is wrong.
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