Went to pick up another BUD today

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Jul 16, 2008
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Freecycle has treated me well. I put up a request a couple of weeks ago and ended up with two dishes. I went to pick up the second today. I didn't have any pictures and the only info I had was that it came with the "box thingy" and was 6 foot. Well, it did come with the receiver but it was not 6 foot. Unfortunately, I was in my minivan and was unable to fit the dish inside so I have to go back this weekend to retrieve it.
This was a bit of a pain to get by myself. After taking it apart and removing the bracket from the pole, I tried to twist the outer pole to loosen it up. After just about giving myself a hernia, I finally found the 3 bolts at the very bottom of the pole, below ground level.
This thing wore me out. As far as the receiver is concerned, should I bother with it or would I be better off buying something a little more...modern?

Pics attached!







The dish looks like in great shape for its age. The LNB and receiver are way too old and worthless (unless there is a collector who wants an old analog receivers for a museum or something).

The actuator might still work. You may want to take it a part, clean it up, grease it, then try it.
In my thread on the AMCI perforated dish, someone commented that it looked like a Channel Master at their local TV station.
Mine has a strong resemblance in the rolled edge of the perforated aluminum dish.
However, I take it that yours comes apart in two or four pieces?
Mine has a welded seam across it, but it totally one piece.
And I'm 8' 1" measured across the crest of the dish, on the front.
You were not clear, but I thought you said yours was -not- six foot as advertized.

Your mount has a strong resemblance to this one, recently discussed and rebuilt by jamie1969.

The minute I saw your first picture, I did think: Channel Master.
That was just based on the shape of the LNB support arms.
See similar ones in the photo gallery of McGuyver.
And for more info on refurbishing his dish, search on thread-starts with his name.

I'm blown away by the beauty of that gem! - :up - Congratulations. - :cool:
Let's hope some of our satellite gurus come up with more info on it.
And as you get into the project, show us more pictures.
No, it wasn't six foot. I haven't measured it and I'm not too good at eyeballing these things as of yet, but it looked to be about 10 ft, based on the size of a section that I had stood up next to me (I'm 6,2). I'm not positive on that though.
The dish itself was in very good condition. Of course, it's obviously a much more rigid construction than my current mesh 6 footer.
It unbolts into 4 section and came apart quite easily. I didn't have to use any PB blaster on this one. In fact, there was hardly any rust at all on the bolts. They looked a lot newer than the mount. Unfortunately, I did have to break the edges of the center plastic piece to get it off. It was held on by 4 cheap screws and they had rusted so badly on both ends that I couldn't get them off. The good part was that the plastic was so brittle that I only had to break it a little at the edge and it won't be very noticeable when reassembled.
I'm excited to get this one home and up and running.

O.k. now I'm rambling. Time for bed! :)
Thats a Channel Master "Perf", very well built dish, an heavy duty back frame same as on the SMC line (solid CM dishes). every thing with that dish is heavy duty, don't need to tell you that, you had to dismantle it an load it up.

on reassamble of it just keep note of the 4-angle brackets that bolt to the square back frame an then to the dish, (that is for you're declinalation) seen lots of people mess up with this part of a install of that dish. 2-angles same size, 1 short, an 1-long.

Nice find.
I went and picked up the dish today. I have a friend helping me look for a 5" OD pole or fabricate something so that I can get it reinstalled. This is completely different than my mesh dish. I assume the sections of these dishes are made from solid sheets, then perforated, and then stamped into shape?
It looks to be 1/8" thick, and I took a pic like Anole's for reference :)

Judging from the size of the holes, I would assume this is decent for ku reception as well?



how . . big . . is . . it . . ?

Throw a tape measure across that thing!
Enquiring minds want to know! - :cool:

I looked at your $20 hole picture, and mine.
I'd say off hand they're about the same.
Probably should have shot the picture with a ruler instead, but I was improvising. (badly) - :rolleyes:
Actually, we should get out the calipers and measure Linuxman's perforated Birdview, and Stogie's Paraclipse, too!
I would not be surprised if they're all the same sort of sheet. - :up
I know I'm feeling pretty cocky about expected Ku performance.

Oh, and thickness, as well.
I'll get a tape measure out there tomorrow and measure.
Are these usually measured straight across or by measuring along the curve?

Edit: I got bored and went out with a measuring tape. I don't have the dish assembled, but one section measures 5'6.
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When I took my perf off the mount/motor and dropped it on the lawn, face up, I measured straight across the business end, peak-of-rim to peak-of-rim.
Straight line, no droop of the tape. I got 8'1" for the perf.

I've not measured the solid Birdview, but from posts by Linuxman, it's 8½ feet, by a similar method.
The manufacturer measured by running a tape across the back side (or let it droop down into the open face along the surface), and calls it 9'.
That's just not right.
one section measures 5'6
Sounds like you were measuring the radius of your pie, so I'd say it's a good 10 foot dish, no questions asked.
I'd be jealous of it, but I'm too busy patting myself on the back for finding mine! :D
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