What are my options?

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Oct 12, 2005
Dtv customer since 2000 and have two HR24 receivers; one in the living and other in the bedroom. Had these receivers installed back in 09-2012.

Currently not on contract.

Having a problem with the living room receiver not turning on after being shut off for the night. Next day, have to unplug ac and plug back in and wait for the slow setup. Have had to do this roughly every other day for the last month or so. Once started receiver works fine.

Recently, on two occasions have had the receiver freeze while watching a program. The receiver will not respond to RC. Have to unplug ac and do setup routine, then receiver works fine again.

What are my options at this point?

1- Request another HR24?
2- Request an upgrade of equipment and what equipment?
3- Will I be required to go on contract?
4- What charges should I expect?
5- Can a local provider switch equipment rather than having to wait for a mailed unit?

Thanks, your input would be appreciated.


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Feb 7, 2008
Having gone through a generally similar situation recently, here's what you need to know.

If you choose to *replace* (as opposed to *upgrade*) the problematic HR24 receiver, then you'll receive whatever latest receiver for that model there would be and you would continue operating contract-free. As far as I know, the only fee DirecTV would charge you is $19.95 for shipping kit to send back the problematic receiver (assuming it's one they want back as opposed to recycled).

If you choose to *upgrade* any receiver, you'd want to go after an HR44 Genie receiver (HR54 isn't available as far as I know unless you're going 4K) and keep the good HR24 as backup in case the Genie goes down. In this situation, your account would go back on contract. Also, if you don't already have a SWiM-based system (which can be Googled, if you don't know what that is), then you'll have to have pro installation to get that going (essentially means that you have exactly one physical coax cable to each receiver, as opposed to a separate physical cable per each tuner of each receiver). Charges would be dependent upon your particular account standing with DirecTV. I can say, based on personal experience with the Genie DVR system, it's simply fantastic, and after first getting it a few years ago, we've never had an issue with it.

Also, if you do choose to upgrade, make sure that you think about your expected topology going forward -- as in, the number of receivers that you'll want for the foreseeable future (each and every change to number of receivers modifies your contractual obligation). In all honesty, if you were itching to get a third receiver anyway, I'd go with a wireless Genie mini, because even though they charge $90 (or whatever) to professionally install a Wireless Video Bridge (they don't rely upon any customer-based wifi), it really is excellent and works well. The only drawbacks with any mini (wireless or wired) is that if the Genie goes down, so does it, which is why it's wise to have at least one non-Genie-based DVR on hand as backup.

Enjoy the decision!


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Feb 14, 2015
as an update to maestro, you may get an HR54 depending on what your tech has on his truck and what the oldest "server" he has is. there is a miniscule chance of a 34, but a 44 or 54 is probably 95% chance. also, when upgrading to the genie system from a HDDVR there is generally a $3-$5 increase depending how your billing is set up. but you can also negotiate for some discounts (usually for 12mo) while you're at this, so net gain first year.

as far as mini's go, there are regular (C41/51/61), wireless (C41-W), and 4k (C61k) and they all depend on the genie, but since you already HAVE 2x HR24, i would keep one active for backup as well as having the tech install an external power inserter (ask your tech if you dont know if you have one already if you're not sure) so the HR24 is unaffected by a HR54 power loss. more then you wanted to know i'm sure, but better you know now then the day after and we say "oh by the way..."

otherwise maestro pretty much nailed it.
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