What are the differences between DVD-R , DVD+R , DVD-RW , DVD+RW (1 Viewer)

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Feb 6, 2005
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
Hi guys , I have the following DVD Discs :- DVD-R , DVD+R , DVD-RW and DVD+RW .

Could anybody explain to me technically the difference between DVD-R & DVD+R and DVD-RW & DVD+RW regarding Recording Formats .

Any thought you would have be greatly appreciated .

Best Regards

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Oct 13, 2003
Jacksonville, FL, Earth
Do you really want the technical differences?

Non technical differences:
Essentially they are - and + to be competing record once versions for "R" and rewritable many times for the "RW" Originally, the + was said to be best for data and the - for media but as time progressed they have been found to work equally well. As a DVD duplicator we choose the - version for greater compatibility with older players. The RW versions will be slightly higher price and are purported to have a reduced life span for permanent storage. But, they offer a disk that can be reused many times which would be good for something like a backup disk set for data that changes every so often. If planning for shelf life more than 10 years, it is recommended you burn the "R" version.
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