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Nov 26, 2005
A week ago I got a letter from Dish saying my DVR 501 was obsolete and needed to be replaced in the next 2-years. Since the 501 had degraded to an absolute POS since the last firmware "upgrade" I decided the sooner the better.

I contacted Dish Saturday afternoon to work out the details and next thing I knew they said "How about tomorrow morning?" Whoa!!! The installer brought a new appearing, but clearly used DVR, he thought was a 510. He also replaced my 10 YO LNBF's with a single unit marked 110 & 119, it had a switch? built in so only needed a single cable. Overall my initial impressions are positive, except I had to replace the 60mm HDD fan, squealed.

What I know:
  • 2 Tuner DVR
  • 120GB Maxtor IDE HDD dated 2004
  • Will get a satellite lock ~10X faster than the 501*
  • All black with curved front side plates like the original 2-tuner 9xx
  • The menus are noticeably different than my 501

Any guesses as to the model? Any good? Perhaps one of the system screens will say?

Thanks for reading.

* I know because I have an inline switch to disconnect it from the wall, switched off 23-hours per day.


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Dec 30, 2010
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512 or 522 (Only ones with a 120 GB HDD besides the 510, and we wouldn't install a 510)

Press menu twice (or the system info button on the front of your receiver) and it will tell you on the screen


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Dec 12, 2003
Dorchester, TX.
Indeed it did, 512. So any good?

Piece of JUNK that's why they are being sent out as replacements. REALLY they are good receivers, originally sold as 522 receivers. Some brain had the idea of modifying them from a dual tuner receiver into a single output receiver, basically a 625 with only 1 output and a smaller hard drive.

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