What is DVB-S2D?

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DirecTV in the U.S. is now switching over to DVB-S2 with H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec for their local and some national HDTV channels
DVB-S2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Why the D after S2? probably to denote that it's an "in house" modification of the DVB-S2 standard. I figure the move to DVB-S2 is because their digital format(DSS) must have an issue with bandwidth/ compression, and therefore quality, and have found the DVB-S2 format a better alternative.
DirecTV is now using a modified version of DVB-S2, the latest version of the DVB-S protocol, for HDTV services off the SPACEWAY-1, SPACEWAY-2, DirecTV-10 and DirecTV-11 satellites, however huge numbers of DSS encoded channels still remain. The ACM modulation scheme used by DirecTV prevents regular DVB-S2 demodulators from receiving the signal although the data carried is regular MPEG-4 Transport Stream.
Digital Satellite Service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DVB-S2 allows you to put more channels in smaller bandwidth
DirecTV uses DVB-S2 with some wrinkle I have yet to figure out because I've been unable to lock onto their flavor of DVB-S2 with my TBS 6925 card (while I've been able to lock onto pretty much everything else DVB-S/S2 in the sat arc including Directv's legacy DSS QPSK signals that you can find on the same Ku-band sat as DirecTV's DVB-S2D signal).
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