What is "Standard Proffesional Installation"?


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Nov 12, 2003
What is included in the installation service? In the case of superdish, since pole mount is recommended, do they install some kind of pole in your backyard as part of the installation? Also, do they run the cable through the attic, and fish the cables down to the receivers?

I believe wallfishing would be an additional charge. Some installers charge extra for pole installation while others do not.

Since so many of the SuperDish will probably have to be pole mounted I would think that they would expect this and not charge for poles like they normally would because you cant charge every customer for a pole and expect all the customers to pay it, especially when the install was supposed to be free.

I think the installers expect the wires to already be in place for the SuperDish and would only expect to put up a pole and set the dish up on that putting the existing wires from the other dish to the SuperDish. If they have to run wires to the receivers they may charge extra for that, it just depends on who installs it. I would ask the retailer/installer if there are any additional charges for those things and what they do charge extra for.
I can't find it now, but I ran across the industry guidelines document for a "standard professional installation" on the web a while back. It includes mounting 1dish on a single-family residence. Cables are to be run down the exterior walls; holes drilled through walls to run cable inside to receiver.

Cable fishing and pole mounting qualifies as "custom" ($$$$) installation.
Stargazer said:
I think the installers expect the wires to already be in place for the SuperDish and would only expect to put up a pole and set the dish up on that putting the existing wires from the other dish to the SuperDish.

This assumes an existing DBS installation. I wonder how many installs are upgrades and how many are 'new-to-DBS' customers?
standard installation

most retailers wont provide the extra equipment such as poles,concrete or pay for the extra time to do the pole mount install, so we-the installers are forced to pass those additional costs to the customers.
I read on the retailer website where new subscribers can receive the free system and the free SuperDish at the same time on the same install instead of the installer having to come back out to swap out the Dish500 to the SuperDish. However the retailer/installer will not be paid any additional monies on installing the SuperDish vs. installing the Dish500 so I can imagine where some retailers/installers would be more likely to charge extra for installation in cases where they would not charge before considering the extra materials and labor and time involved.

By the way, if you do not provide a social security number then you have to pay $50 (where the FFA promotion did not require the social security number previously). Dish Network started requiring social security numbers a while back but stopped requiring it but now has started requiring them again or charge the $50.
I guess then I need to at least install the chain link fence post like Scott did in his back yard. Only problem is that I don't know if the location I'm thinking of would work or not. Any guide available?

set up a 2 3/8 inch pole, keep it plumb both directions and give us the best south-southwest view of the sky that you possibly can and the installer should be able to handle it from there. Just try to remember it is winter time and the leaves will fill back in and cause problems down the road if you aren't careful.
the "standard installation" for dish has always been 1 dish, maximum of 100 feet of rg6 coax, and all exterior wall punches per receiver, all wall fishes, attic crawls, extra dishes, backfeeds, antennae tie ins (or cable tv) pole mounts or any thing custom such as tri-pod or bucket mounts are all extra charge charged directly to customer, prices tend to change from 1 installer to the next and it also depends on how busy the installer is and how many extras are involved on the job, most installers will work with the customer if possible but there are limitations per price of additional equipment and parts and of course time.
Will it fit on an old D* pole?

I left my old D* for the 18" on the roof. Will the Superdish fit on that. It was the one that came with the dish 2 years ago.

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