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Aug 17, 2005
Port Angeles, Washington
Hi guys! I'm getting back into FTA after finally moving to Port Angeles Washington. What is considered to be the best motorized receiver system? I used to run a Coolsat 5000 with a Winegard dish. I still have the Coolsat. Do you think it would still work? I don't have the dish any longer but that shouldn't be a problem. Thanks


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Apr 15, 2014
OKC, Oklahoma
I really like my MICRO HD by GEOSAT PRO. I have only been in the world of FTA around a year or so. I have 2 KU band dishes on my roof...one on 95W and 97W. I have won a very nice C-Band LNB from this website a while back but have yet to get myself a C-Band dish. I really want to get into C-Band. But just ,my opinion...the GEOSAT PRO MICRO HD receiver is solid. There have been some firmware patches...I have never had to do any because I think mine is newer and already had the upgrade. Check out GEOSAT PRO.

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