What is the best indoor OTA Hdtv antenna for Brooklyn area?


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Dec 13, 2005
Help me. I am totally confused. I have a brother who lives in Brooklyn and cannot deal with any outside antenna. He needs a simple to install antenna that will pick up Hdtv signals and also if possible VHF and UHF signals. He has an elevated train in front of his house and a seven story school approximately 250 feet from his house. I was told to get him a Winegard SS3000 antenna. Is that correct? What about the silver sensor or the Terk HDtvi or HDtva antennas. He complained last year when I bought him a new Sharp Aquos LCD Tv that his reception was not as good as on his 30 year old rabbit ears TV. He wants to use HDTV. I am getting him the HDTV OTA receiver and need an antenna. What is the best solution.


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Sep 22, 2003
Limerick Pa
There is no best antenna, every situation is somewhat unique, from the description you gave his is very unique, this may be a situation of trial and error, unless someone else has a similar situation. Try the SS or if you can find a R/S double bow tie!
As a last resort if HD stations are available through cable!!
Again this is a last resort.
Good luck with it.