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Jun 29, 2004
A friend I was doing some work for last weekend gave me a partail spoon of coax cable that Time warner left in his yard months ago. I tried looking up some of the info on the spool and the cable and came up with nothing.
The cable is orange and looks like rg6. Printed on the cable itself is JW3907091 2007 commscope inc.. There then is a number that is followed by the word "feet". This number changes the further down the cable. On the spool it reads commscope. Product code 4598003. Plus numeris other things. When I removed some of the sheathing I noticed the braid has a sticky substance on it. The only thing I know about this stuff is it looks like what they use outside to run from the poles to the house is see now a days.
What are the specs on this (freg. range, so on) Can I use the rg6 crimp connectors I useally use on rg6. All info would be great.
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Sep 11, 2003
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I didn't have an answer to your question, so I just thought I’d Google “JW3907091 commscope” just to see what came up. The only result was THIS THREAD. The original posting was today at 3:43 PM and Google had it at 5:30 PM (West Coast time in both cases). Google spiders must be working overtime!!


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Aug 9, 2004
I don't know what the freq. range of that cable is. Probably 3GHz, but what you described is direct burial cable.
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Jan 2, 2006
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Yes it is "underground" cable designed to be buried. The flooding helps protect the cable if say the jacket gets a whole in it the flooding compound inside, moves to that area and fills the hole to keep water out. Its not advised to put this cable inside the home, specially not on a homerun or anything because having the cable go down the wall the compound inside could leak down and out the connector and make a mess. So dont use it in the house :)

and the number that changes by the ft is how much cable is left on the spool. So you can judge if you have enough to complete the job or you need to open another spool.
Jun 29, 2004
Thanks for the replies. Sorry to be pesty, but I still need to know if I can use the rg6 crimp connectors I have the tools for and if the prep of the cable is the same? Such as stripping and folding back the braid.
Thanks again
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