What kind of Commscope Brightwire Cable is this?


Mar 8, 2009
Got some Commscope cable that is supposed to be RG6 Quad shield and this is all that is printed on the cable:

DZ3913152 Commscope INC Brightwire (TM) 9900963 BM (ETL) us 18 AWG "150V" 564 FT.

Nowhere does it mention RG6 or Quad.

I searched the internet and Commscope site without much luck.

Anyone know what kind of cable this is and is it any good?



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Jun 4, 2009
North Carolina
I have looked into this inquiry. I believe you have a quad shield RG6 Brightwire cable. The Brightwire (TM) indicates that the product is Brightwire which is a dry anticorrosive treatment. The 18 AWG indicates it is an RG6. The 150V indicates that the product has an NEC 830 rated jacket which means it is rated to carry power up to 150 volts.

I can tell you exactly what you have if you can answer the following quesitons:

1. Is the product you have on a reel, or in a cardboard box?
2. Is there a label on the side of the reel or box?
3. If there is a label, you should see a product description on it. An example of this would be F6SSVV BW BX (830BM).
4. If there is a label, you should see a product code on it. An example of this would be 7461004/10/A
5. You can easily determine if this is a quad shield product. Strip the jacket back like you are going to install a connector. If it is a quad shield, you will have four layers. Aluminum Braid, Non Bonded Tape, Aluminum Braid, then a tape bonded to the dielectric. These four layers indicate quad shield

The descriptions and code above are just examples, the ones listed on the label will most likely be different. Please let me know the answers to the above questions and I will try to tell you the exact product you have.


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Apr 3, 2010
I have a reel of coax and am wondering the same thing. The only difference is mine is labeled:
KX2904181 COMMSCOPE INC "Brightwire" (TM) 9900963 BM (ETL)us 18 AWG "150V"
The coax also has a steel (or some other type of metal) support wire attached to it. I found it on the side of the road and I assume it fell off a truck and is used to span from telephone poles to houses.
What does the initial code (KX2904181) mean? Is it RG6?

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