What size dish are you using with Voom


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Apr 5, 2004
Just like to take a poll and see what sixe dish everyone is using with Voom.

Also I have heard that FL and OH area are being upgraded to the new elliptical dish, but don't know if this a true statement from the Voom CSR.
I just got the 24" dish yesterday, up from an 18". So far so good-signal is strong and I think the SNR is better, I should have recorded this stuff before the upgrade. THe signal strength is at 94 all the time, where it only hit 94 briefly before the upgrade. Now I am waiting for some rain to see how it works out.

As I understand, the 30" provides no more appreciable gain over the 24". Having said that, I would still rather have the 30" just so I am sure I am getting as much signal as I can. I had rain fade last week with the 18" and it wasn't even raining, just drizzling.

Ahh the wonders of reading (thanks for this link BTW) the new dish will not be a niche market:

We intend to switch over our existing subscribers on a phased basis at our expense.

Phased basis? What is that though?
I purchased my own 30" dish. From the time I ordered it, I received it and installed it in about 5 days. Total cost with shipping was about $70. ($30 for dish and $40 for shipping).
Gr8Reb8 said:
I purchased my own 30" dish. From the time I ordered it, I received it and installed it in about 5 days. Total cost with shipping was about $70. ($30 for dish and $40 for shipping).

Did you pay attention to signal strength and SNR figures before and after? If so, what did you notice?

I was scheduled to get a larger dish and a Voom rep called, he asked if I still wanted it due to a new dish coming out soon. I couldn't get a date on the release, all he would tell me was "soon".
We have an 18" dish with total rain fade every time it even threatens to rain. Emailed Wilt asking for help and a couple weeks later we got an email to call and make an appointment with the installer for a new dish. Called the installer they said we were crazy and they never heard of a bigger dish, but "I'll ask around anyhow and call you back about it" and they never called back. That was a month ago. Not sure if it's worth fooling around with anymore or just having it uninstalled. We've gone through a lot of trouble already with all this. I like voom and all, but their customer service is non-existent as a lot of people know.
I have found the customer service to be top notch. Call the GET VOOM number again and talk to somebody else, maybe you got a bad rep. They upgraded my dish AND my antenna, I have a 24" and a sweet Winegard Platinum series antenna-top of the line! I really couldn't ask for better customer service-they have done EVERYTHING possible.

I have the original 18" dish. At first I had some major problems with rain fade, but I had them re-peak the dish and I haven't had any trouble since (well, except during big-ass storms but that's to be expected from what I hear - and it doesn't stay out long). :)
24" is a must!

I'm in South Florida where it rains EVERY day in the summer so rain fade was terrible when I first got Voom. I thought that was just Voom's weak signal. Wrong! I spoke to a CSR and she set me up with an appointment for Installs to come out with a 24 inch. That was 3 weeks ago since then. Rain fade once on Voom. And 3 times on Dish :D

My signal strength increase was small from 95 to 97 but light to pretty heavy rain no longer affects my signal.

Who is the 1 person that is getting the Elliptical dish???
anyone confirm that Florida users can qualify for the new "experimental" dish?
Yes, anyone in Fl or OH getting the ellipitcal dish installed?? Also let us know if they are putting two LNBs on it.

As for the previously asked above, I have a 30 inch dish upgrade and I am in hampton roads - Va. I was going to get a 24-inch, but the installer didn't have one in stock and brought out the 30-inch.

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