What to do next: receiver, LNB, Dish, what?

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Feb 10, 2006
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Well now that I am motorized, I am looking for future "upgrades". What can I do with the Invacom QPH-031? Would I see any improvement/stability over my KUL1 or Fortec lnb's? Thanks!
The Invacom QPH-031 will work with Circular AND Linear signals and has 4 outputs!

I LOVE mine! (Its also a STANDARD so will work with 22KHz switch)

There is a LOT to be said for one LNBF in the MAIN focal position!
I have been reading the reviews on the QPH-031 and the SNH? -031, and the extremes. I am tempted to "upgrade". Not sure what I am looking for though! :)
The QPH-031 is a very good LNB.... but it is a little heavy so it can make you LNB arm sag some which in turn will reduce you signal, it did on my dish anyway.
the big thing that the qph will do is let you see the echostars and nimiqs... in addition to what you see now. I'm still hoping some day, someone somewhere will make one lnb that will do linear and circular ku + do cband. If that comes out, I'm gonna find a way to talk my wife in to gettting a 6 footer.
The BSC621-2 does C-Band and Ku band (Linear) It also comes with a dielectric plate for use with Circular polarized satellites.
your a hardware junkie lol well i can tell you i probably overkilled when i got my motor ( cause its not 100%) but i got the QPH-031 to go with it. Its big , bulky , mean and I like it
like Pete said it covers future expansion cause it has 2 linear & 2 circular
so a second receiver could watch the same sats ( and different tranponders) at the same time. ( didn't mean to limit it to just two receivers so its just an example)
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OH man, I must tell you, I love my Invacom QPH-031.. It's worth it and it's a bit heavy but still worth to have it! Here's pictures of my Invacom QPH-031 with weight!! :D


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it did on my dish too. The holder wasn't strong enough to keep the LNB from being off a little (which hindered signal)
Gary Z said:
Don't think it would help... because the focal point of the LNB eye is lower then it is supposed to be.
That may be so. But, it is also causing the elevation of the beam to be off. (It actually may be pointing too high, if the tip of the arm is sagging.)

I will definitely be tweaking my elevation, if and when I get a QPH-031.
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