What to do with all my extra gear?


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Feb 10, 2006
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OK, now that I have my motor setup (pictures to come soon), I have tons of extra gear. What should I do with it? Here is what I have:

Primestar Dishes (qty 2)
Fortec Universal .4 LNB qty1
Fortec Universal .3 LNB qty2
22k shwitch qty1
diseqc switches qty3
Bucket mount for Primestar dish
DISH 500 w/ Dual Lnbs qty 1
Lots of coax :)

So, what should I do? Sell them? Make a setup for 30w? I was going to make a stationary setup for G10, but my signal is so good with the motorized setup, and I like the looks of less dishes around, I decided not to do that. So, ideas?

Thanks :)
You can donate one of the linear Ku lnbfs to the "Das Hammer Foundation". :)

You may consider installing one of those dishes as a stationary for any sat that you want to access often such as G10R. Then, you don't have to wait for the motor.
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Keep the Dish 500, if it's still got the dishnetwork lnb, up for the free dvb channels, or put one of those lnbs wiretied to your motorized. There are some free Dish stuff up in the skys - see whats up there and the faq about the 18" dishes.


also...148 is fun, as are some of the other echostars since occassionally, some unencrypted stuff will fall out, whether intentional or not.

Also, you might wanna talk some friends or family in to buying a receiver and using your old parts.

and/or hold on to the stuff, at least the switches... for spares. Seems some folks round these threads have a tendency to blow switches fast.
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Thanks for the tips! We have the "Foundation" hehe, and using stuff for spares, etc. I wish I had firends, I would talk them inot getting a setup :)
well theres no better way to make new friends
than to help someone with a dish setup :)

hmm i got this box right here looks like most of that will fit into lol lol

i would really consider the extra stuff , more of tinkering around with stock
and keep trying different things with

i don't do beer but its almost a man rule
I probably will just keep some of it. But, I do like having not so many dishes in the yard. My wife said she didn't mind all the dishes :)
iafirebuff said:
My wife said she didn't mind all the dishes :)

What a wonderful wife you have Larry :)

I told my wife I was going to set up something like the guy in the picture, she was not to receptive to the idea. :)


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Hang on to the stuff, you will find a use for it. I did after my motor got slack and could not find a satellite every time. I am always trying something - other wise what would I do? Watch TV?
I got my picture of his house from his Homeowners Association. They used to have plenty copies of it. Now that Ice's on it's board, it may be harder to get, or it may cost you now? It was free.


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