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Dec 18, 2003
I'm new here and despite reading the "read me first info", I'm unclear on what programming is included after the limited time offer expires for the $39.90 package. I think the Voom site is vague on the issue, stating "...you still get all the Voom programming and one PlusPack for only $39.90 a month."

What is "all the Voom programming"???
Can someone clarify this for me...does the $39.90 include all the HDTV channels, 40+ regular cable channels, local digital, and a plus pack?



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Nov 29, 2003
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All the channels in SD plus one movie package plus all Voom executives 21 HD channels.

Here's the channel line up.



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Dec 7, 2003
What about a 2nd/3rd reciever, does anyone know if there is a up-charge and how much for extra units?


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Sep 8, 2003
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geekygizmo said:
What about a 2nd/3rd reciever, does anyone know if there is a up-charge and how much for extra units?


Each additional receiver will cost $199.00 and I believe there is an additional fee for the line (like E* or D* in the range of $4.99). Nobody knows about the additional line fee because everybody's bill has been ZERO so far but that's what I think.

If you are going to have more than two receivers, you will need a multiswitch. The multiswitch is not provided by VOOM (from what I read) but customers will need to buy it at an additional cost from the installer (you need to notify the installer ahead of time that you will need this). Also, there will be an additional installation cost if you decide to add the receiver after you had your initial installation. I do not know whether VOOM will let you self-install because it has been in their policy not to sell self-installation kits (I do not think they even have such a program in place).

So be aware of all these different fees if you are adding additional receivers to your account after you had your initial installation done. This is why it's cheaper to do it all at once if you need more than one or two receivers.

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