What's included with "Standard Professional" install?


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Mar 19, 2006
Dish is coming on Friday to install the 625 I bought. I already have a 510 downstairs. I want move the 510 upstairs and keep the 625 downstairs. I only have one feed from the dish to the downstairs.

What does that actually include? How do they run wires (when necessary)? Do they run them on the outside of the house? Through the walls? I will need a second drop to the first floor for the second tuner in the 625. I can run the wire to the 510 on the second floor (attic access is easy). I will aslo need a DP34 (or similar multi-switch) to replace my SW-21.

When I ran my wire downstair from the attic, I left behind a string in case I need to fish something else down later on. Maybe he can use that as I'd prefer the wires be inside.
Standard installation does not include fishing wires inside walls. If you want that do it before the installer gets there.

Lets face it for a FREE install you are going to get the easiest and fastest possible for the installer. They are not paid for special things.
There is a fee for phone lines, wall fishing (if it is over 5 ft), mirroring and remotes other than the ones in the box.
It really depends on the installer. Some will stick with the E* minimum requirements mentioned above. Some guys will do a little extra because they want their work to look good. The guy I had was younger (20s) and with bullshitted for a few minutes before he got to work. He left me a bunch of extra coax, fixed some cable ends on the cable companies sh!tty hookup, set all my remotes up, and left me a few extra parts for when I move the dish.
There is a fee for phone lines, wall fishing (if it is over 5 ft), mirroring and remotes other than the ones in the box.

Oh. I guess they won't be installing it the way I need it then because I need another wire run from the dish to the downstairs and other than fishing it through the wall (where the other wire is now), is to run it on the outside of the house which I would prefer not to. He's gonna have to go on the roof to mount the new switch so I guess I'll get him to run the wires on the outside to the second floor so I can at least use the 625 upstairs until I run the wires the way I want.

Do you know how much extra it would be to fish the wire through the wall?

Do they use flat wire so I can avoid drilling holes in the outside wall?
I'd really just wait until the installer shows up. As mentioned it all depends on the installer on how good he/she wants to make it.

If you have the wallfish already setup with a string to pull, ready and open stuff out of the way for the guy then all he has to do is put a good head on the fish line and go from there. Have the tv's pulled back from the wall, area clear.

I go out of my way on alot of jobs, but there have been times where quickest and easiet came first.

It's not fun or convienient when showing up to a job, you have to park in the street walk 200' with your tools, you get to the home, customer takes 10 minutes to answer the door, go inside have a little dog come bite you at the ankles, kids running everywhere, personal items all over the floor, animal droppings with mold on them (famous words I keep telling the boys to pick this up) then in the middle of the job, please move your vehicle my daughter needs to get out, etc.

Use your judgement make it easy on him/her, especially time wise and you never know. Good things will probably happen.

When I get back early and have time I pre-call the customer the night before and give them a heads up on what needs to be done, to make things more efficient and the scheduled work comes out better majority of the time.
Custom Labor is 59/hr. Flat cables are not used for most installs. Dish has a special flat cable for apartment installs but the customer has to pay $15.00 per cable for them. We can almost never get them.

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