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Oct 13, 2008
how long before VOIP on satellitte without issues..???? Sat. Company people???


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Mar 16, 2004
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Never. The delay in both directions due to the distance will not be overcome with satellite technology.


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Sep 7, 2003
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It is not a matter of whether it will ever be perfected. It is just a matter of making it more tolerable? Ping issues with delay may limit this. This is one reason why satellite is not the future of broadband.


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Jun 19, 2005
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Just because there is not a good solution for VOIP on a residential based satellite system does not mean they do not work and are not commonly used. There are plenty of applications that can use a satellite connection for voice communication. Hughes and iDirect for example has a system that can use a satellite connection "successfully" in remote areas were a cell company may have a tower iDirect - Cellular Backhaul and RAN Backhaul using the Hughes HX System see also Marrying Satellite & Cellular

The only thing that satellite companies are interested in providing residential customers is a good alternative to dial up internet service for surfing the web and emails in places that dsl, cable, or other terrestrial based providers do not reach. While satellite communications may not be able to compete in a residential situation like terrestrial can you cannot say they have no future in the broadband market. Thousands of business worldwide use satellite connections for communication. It is also the most effective and fastest way to restore communication in disaster situations.


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Feb 6, 2007
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Voice quality is real good on Spacenets latest offering. The delays are a fact of life, customers seem to get used to it.

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Spacenets managed voice services is carrier grade and I challenge anyone talking over it to peg it as a sat call.

And not to be outdone starband is working on offering VOIP on it's residential class systems. I tested the beta and it sounds great.

See the thread I am about to post with the latest news from SB to it's dealers " Starband dealer news"

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