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pretty good news from SB was announced a few days ago via this e-mail blast:

Historically the month of December has shown to be a time when the holiday season brings increased StarBand sales to our dealer/partner network. We expect this December to be even more so as the Nova 500 priced at $49 per month has been increasing dealers sales nationwide since our launch a few months ago. It seems the $49 price point is the magic number to convince consumers to purchase a satellite broadband solution to meet their web browsing needs. So I encourage all dealers still not selling the Nova 500, to give it a try and experience the increased sales as many other dealers nationwide have been enjoying.

For those dealers that have not begun selling this latest StarBand product (Nova 500), you may want to consider this as a low cost option for your potential customers that are price sensitive, but still are in need of faster internet speeds. Please review StarBand by Spacenet for the latest specifications on this offering.

Also, be on the look out for additional product and services from StarBand as we head into 2010. The team here at Spacenet has been working hard in testing some new and exciting products that hopefully will be launched in the early part of 2010. They include,

• VoIP for Nova services priced competitively to attract consumers & small businesses – to early for us to announce the details as we are currently in the lab testing stages, but a strong push is being made to have an official offering that will be work smoothly with our Nova services.

• Equipment “Lease” Options on Nova – this would reduce greatly the upfront costs on purchasing StarBand equipment.

• Purchase additional Bandwidth by demand – many customers would love to have the ability to purchase additional BW at a fair cost.

• Web base commissioning for installers – no promises on the exact date, but the StarBand team is pushing hard internally to have this implemented sooner then later in 2010

• New Look Partner Place Portal for dealers – A revamping of the dealer web portal based on your feedback for needed improvement.

• Launching of a new Nova 2500 or 3000 service on SkyEdge II (latest & greatest technology out of Gilat).

The above is just a sample of improvement idea’s the team at StarBand is not only considering for 2010 – but actually in the process of testing too see if it is indeed a cost effective service for us to launch to our dealer, partner and customers as we start the new year in January. Please note the above are not definite launches just yet. I just wanted to keep the lines of communications open to our dealer network to let you know what is possibly coming down the pipeline.

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